Wicked Big Sports® Basket Heads

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What do you get when you combine basket toss with a hilarious twist? Wicked Big Sports Basket Heads, a competitive toss game that will make everyone smile. Grab 2 to 4 of your closest family and friends and get ready to play. One person in each pair ties an inflatable basket to their head and then their partner tries to get all four balls into the basket before the other team! It is a fun yet competitive game where you can show off your skills or rely on luck – either way you are going to look like a basket case! Make up your own rules or follow along with our instruction sheet, this game is fun any way you decide to play! Each set includes 2 inflatable baskets with straps and 8 balls. Inflate each basket with air until firm and wrinkle free for the best game play.

Recommended for ages 8 and older.

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