Sculpting Studio Bucket

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Experience textured, squishy fun using airy, fluffy clay with the Mixy Squish™ Sculpting Studio! Bring your imagination to life with 6 oz. of pre-made, pre-textured and colorful Mixy Squish™ clay, packed with crunchy and glittery add-ins. Use the 14 sculpting tools and 3 double-sided molds to make a colorful world of design and shimmer. Knead and roll to soften clay for easy use! Follow the fully illustrated instruction booklet to learn how to use your sculpting tools and molds to make super squishy ice cream cones, s’mores, and more. After 24-48 hours, your creation will be completely dry — but it’ll stay soft and spongy! Feel like adding more details after your creation dries? Use markers or paint to decorate, or add more clay on top for layers of fun! Recommended for ages 3 and up.
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