Mini Play Golf Game

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Even Tee-Up Is Extra Fun: You’ll love the cool way this mini golf set sets up the ball for tee-off. Your child simply presses down the lever & the mechanical arm feeds the balls right to the tee. Ideal for Both Righties & Lefties: Why bother with toddler golf clubs that won’t accommodate all boys & girls? Our adjustable golf club comes with 3 different clubheads for lefthand & righthand play.

  • Mechanical Tee-Up System that feeds balls to the tee – like magic – when a child’s foot presses down on the pedal!
  • 15 Durable Golf Balls custom-designed for kids
  • 1 Sturdy Toddler Golf Club that adjusts at the flick of a finger to extend or shorten the length
  • 3 Screw-On Clubheads – 2 drivers, 1 putter – for both right-handed & left-handed play
  • 1 Golf Flag just like the ones used in grownup golf

Recommended for ages 3 - 7 years.

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