Massive Erupting Volcano

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Simulate the epic, earth-shattering power of a volcano in your own home! Build a huge volcano model with a sturdy frame that effortlessly slides together. Wrap the frame in hardening plaster-coated fabric strips and then paint it to look like the real thing. Then, bring your volcano to life with cutouts of dinosaurs and prehistoric trees — this isn’t just any old volcano; this is a model of an extremely ancient and immensely large volcano from the days dinosaurs roamed the planet! 

When you’re ready for action, simply mix the two non-hazardous powders, dye, and water to create a chemical reaction of flowing red ooze that simulates the molten hot lava flows of a real volcanic eruption. Six packets of chemicals are included, allowing the volcano to be erupted multiple times. The volcano frame enables you to choose between two volcano shapes, with the final model measuring more than one foot tall.  

A large, full-color scientific poster of a volcano with illustrated instructions and lots of educational information about volcanoes is included. By studying these awe-inspiring and cataclysmic natural phenomena, you can learn more about the inner workings of Earth, learn about the different types of volcanoes and what causes them, and explore volcanoes around the world and how they have affected life on Earth for eons. Get ready to journey back in time and deep beneath Earth’s surface with this fun, hands-on craft project and fascinating science lesson!

+ Build a giant volcano model from cardboard and plaster; choose from two types of volcanoes.

+ Decorate with paint, fake boulders, and cardboard cutouts of dinosaurs and prehistoric plants.

+ Use safe chemical reactions to trigger volcanic eruptions and watch the lava bubble and flow.

+ Learn all about real-life volcanoes and what causes them.

+ Includes a full-color volcano poster and instruction sheet.

Recommended for ages 8 - 12 years.

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