Jazzminton Sport

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You can play virtually anywhere including indoors! Jazzminton Sport was originally created as an indoor game so don't hesitate to take it indoors especially when its cold or rainy out. The birdies slow as they fly making for exciting rallies that can really get those competitive juices flowing.

You can play outdoors even if its a little windy, we've thought of it all. We have outdoor birdies and paddleballs including boundary lines and wind ropes to keep it all tied down so don't think twice about taking it outside.

Jazzminton Sport comes with a double padded carry bag so you can store it away neatly and carry it around freely. Whether you want to take it on vacation or the next barbecue, we've got you covered.

Comes with:

Net with Steel Frame, 2 Premium Paddles, 4 Sport Birdies, 2 Sport Wind Birdies, 1 Birdie Case, 4 Yellow Balls, Manual and Rules

2 Anchor Hooks (wind stabilizing). 2 Anchor Ropes (wind stabilizing), 4 Court Hooks (boundaries), 1 Red Court Rope with Winder (boundaries)


Recommended for ages 10+

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