Gestures Hand Molding and Casting Kit

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The Perfect Craft Gestures Casting Kit by Skullduggery combines creativity, discovery, and learning in one exciting artistic journey. Each kit includes everything needed to create and cast masterpiece of your hand, foot or practically anything else you can think of:

-2 lb of PerfectCast Casting Material -1 lb of Alginate Molding Material -86oz/2.54lt molding bucket -Complete Instructions

First, follow the instructions to make a mold of a simple item of your choice using the Alginate Molding Material. Then mix the PerfectCast Casting Material and pour it into the mold that you have created. PerfectCast will quickly harden to perfection in 30-45 minutes After it has set, unmold your creation! Your finished cast will be 5 times stronger than ordinary plaster casts for durability and longevity and can be left white or painted with your choice of paint and other embellishments! Children and adults alike will have a hands on learning adventure they can share with everyone!

Recommended for ages 8 years and older.

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