Fanciful Fairy Garden

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Create your own fantastic, fun, fairy wonderland. Learn all about the history and lore of fairies while you create your own fairy fantasy- complete with a Unicorn! The Fanciful Fairy Garden is very easy to grow and can last for years delighting you with its delightful blooms and bright fun foliage! Belief in fairies reaches back into ancient times. Many think fairies dwell on earth. Others believe they are mythical beings possessing magical powers and sometimes are close to human beings on earth. Fairies are from an enchanted island said to be off the coast of Ireland. There, time seems to stand still, and it is a place of youth and beauty. Flowers always bloom, and there is no sickness or war. The high-quality planter has superior drainage and side ventilation help your magical fairy plants thrive. It also features a large viewing pane and a Fairy Wonderland Decal. This collection of enchanting plants is quick to sprout and guaranteed to grow! This whimsical and colorful kit comes with four special fairy plant varieties, multi-colored, sparkling fairy stones, rose quartz, and fairy stakes- just add water!
  • Grow Your Own Enchanted Fairy Garden!
  • Comes with a Magical Unicorn, Rose Quartz, and Sparkling Fairy Stones!
  • Colorful Fragrant Flowers!
  • Sprouts Quickly!
  • Easy to Grow!
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