Craft-tastic Make Your Own Unicorn Potions

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Can you be trusted with the recipes for such magical, powerful potions? We thought so. Supplies and sparkling ingredients for 9 potions, including 2 necklaces.

The Craft-tastic Unicorn Potions Craft Kit for kids introduces kids to the power of magical thinking. This potion-making collection includes recipes compiled by unicorns and the ingredients and bottles to make 9 of unique potions. Our potions crafts for kids include 7 medium and 2 small bottles that can be filled with our colorful plastic gems, shimmering glitter, an extra special unicorn horn, and more. Two mixing bowls and a spoon bring them all together into a magical elixir and a funnel makes it easier to fill the bottles. With the addition of necklace cording wrapped around the necks of the bottles, they are a great way for your little one to wear their potions as necklaces or tuck them into a jeans pocket or book bag for a little extra luck and good humor while at school or on-the-go.

Ages 6-12 

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