Clixo Crew Pack - Flamingo & Turquoise - 30 Pcs

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28 pieces and 2 cool spinners add a fun twist that bring bigger, bolder ideas to life. From pinwheels to propellers, this Crew pack is a flurry of creative possibilities! Made for kids and kids at heart age 4+.

Dive brain-first into boundless building with Clixo Magnets. This fun building toy uses magnets and paper-thin surfaces so that you can construct oodles of objects that stick together with a satisfying click.

Whether you're a seasoned tinkerer or a bashful beginner, these modular magnetic toys are made for endless experimentation.

Clixo Magnet packs come with a variety of colored connectors, from the aptly named "tridot" and "longy" to the abstractly named shapes "flop" and "flap." Whatever the form, you'll have fun mixing and matching these pieces to make clever creations.

The wafer-thin design and durable composition of the connectors allow for maximum malleability, so you'll never have to worry about breaking these brilliant baubles while building countless 3-D creations.

Each piece is fitted with one or more magnetic "dots" that can be connected—each one handily color-coded in either red or blue to help you match polarities. You can assemble multitudes of shapes and structures with just a handful of pieces, so once you begin snapping them together, the only limit is your imagination!

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