Climate Change

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Build a small Earth and use it to witness climate change with this science kit! Children aged 8+ will learn about global weather systems, the impact of human activity on the planet and what they can do to mitigate environmental impacts. Conduct experiments to grow crops, irrigate a desert, create rainfall and save glaciers. Children will also watch oceans rise, create wind, measure emissions and more with this STEM kit. As children conduct experiments, they will learn real world climatology including how scientists study climates of the past and the present. Educate children on the issues facing our world including greenhouse gases, emissions, burning fossil fuels and rising sea levels. This earth science kit includes safe, high-quality ingredients, radish seeds, safety equipment and a full-color education and instruction booklet which includes detailed, step-by-step illustrations that are easy for children to understand. Adult supervision is recommended. || RADISH SEEDS INCLUDED || For ages 8+.

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