Chameleon Fineliners™ 12 pack - Bright Colors

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Chameleon is the only patented ink system that allows you to seamlessly blend colors to create depth, dimension, gradients, highlights, shading, and shadows. Chameleon Fineliner Pens were designed with everyone in mind, from amateur and professional artists to those who just love to write and journal. These felt tip color pens are elegantly crafted with fine point Japanese .3 mm metal clad tips filled with water-based, dry-safe ink. A range of 48 brilliant colors give you the ability to blend up to 1,128 color combinations!

To blend colors, simply place the cap of one pen color onto the felt tip point of another pen color, hold upright for a few seconds, then write or draw to see the cap color seamlessly blend into the felt tip color while you draw. It's like magic!

Bright Colors, Set of 12 - This art pen set includes colors Peony Pink PK4, Crimson Red RD4, Tangerine OR3, Summer Sun YL2, Spring Meadow YG3, Aquamarine BG4, Sky Blue BL3, Deep Violet V04, Blue Violet BV4, Hot Cocoa BR2, Cool Gray CG8, and Deep Black BK4 for up to 66 different color blends

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