Candy Vending Machine - Super Stunts and Tricks

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Ever dreamed of having a vending machine in your room? With this engineering kit, you can build and experiment with your own toy vending machine. First, follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble the machine. Then test and configure it to get it working perfectly. Load your vending machine with the included soda-bottle gummy candies or any other small candies or prizes you supply, and you're in business! Insert some coins and have fun watching them get sorted, perform stunts as they slide down the tracks, dispense prizes, and finally end up in the coin bank in the base of the machine.

This awesome vending machine has four main interactive segments; First, you insert coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies) into in the slot at the top and turn a knob to sort the coins. Then, the coins fall into an interactive coin track area where they slide down ramps, make jumps, and ring bells. Next, the coins fall into a device that allows you to make your "purchase" with the push of a button. Your prize pops out of the machine. and the coin falls into the bank, sorted into neat stacks by denomination. The vending machine can sit on a tabletop or hang on a wall. A small key allows you to access the vending machine compartments for refilling the prizes.

Explore lessons in physics, math, and mechanical engineering as you build and play with the vending machine. Learn about gears and other simple machines, gravity, forces, motion, and collisions. Try some simple math lessons related to the coins and money. Soda-bottle gummy candles Included!

- Have fun engineering a vending machine

- Make cons do fun stunts and tricks and learn physics lessons

- Automatic coln-sorting bank

  • Pretend-play vending machine experience

- Stands up on a tabletop or hangs on a wall

Recommended for ages 8 - 12 years.

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