Ycoo Neo Program A Bot X

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A Gigantic Programmable Robot that’s 40cm tall!

3 ways to interact with the robot: pre-program (up to 48 commands), full function direct remote control or motion control simply with hand gesture! Walk like a human, glide like a skier and dance like a pop star with cool robotic sound effects and different facial expressions with LED light!

Suitable for age 5+ years

  • Programmable – Up to 48 Commands
  • Full Function Remote Control
    • Walk / Glide Forward and Backward
    • Walk / Glide Left and Right
  • Motion Control
    • Glide Backward
    • Glide Forward
    • Turn Right
    • Turn Left
  • One press to Dance Mode
  • LED light Facial Expression
  • Walking with swinging arms
  • Cool Robotic Sound Effects

Battery Requirments:

  • Robot: 4 X “AA” Batteries(not included) 
  • Controller: 2 X “AAA” Batteries(not included)
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