Weighted Blanket Tie Dye

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Only from Good Banana, this Tie Dye Weighted Blanket brings a big, calming smile to any room in the house—literally! While most sensory blankets are a drab grey or blue color, this beautiful rainbow brings all of the benefits of mom or dad's favorite weighted blanket to a kid-friendly size and aesthetic. The 5 lb weight is soothing for children 30 lbs or more, making a perfect companion for creative time, streaming entertainment, reading, and winding down for some much-deserved rest. The blanket's weight comes from non-toxic, micro beads that conform to the wearer's body. The results are a gentle pressure wherever the blanket rests for a soothing experience all over. Good Banana's weighted blankets also feature high quality grid stitching that prevents the weighted filling from bunching over time, assuring that the blanket's evenly distributed weight stays that way. This Tie Dye Weighted blanket's artwork has a special touch that simply must be felt to be believed. The soft  fleece is smooth and pleasing to handle, encompassing the entire blanket's surface. The luxurious, cloud-like texture that will become an instant favorite, and a go-to blanket when it's time to relax on the couch or curl up for a good nap. It's a cozy, weighted blanket sized just right for kids! 

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