Treasure Mini Dig Kit

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Ready to strike it rich?
Dig for treasure just like a real prospector with this hands-on science activity. Find a genuine iron pyrite nugget to add to your rock collection! This set has everything that you need to become a real prospector!

Kids can embark on a treasure hunt with this mini dig kit from National Geographic. Buried in the treasure chest is a genuine gemstone waiting to be discovered. They can use the digging tool to excavate the treasure and read some interesting facts given in the guide.


  • THE THRILL OF DISCOVERY – Watch your child’s eyes light up when they strike pay dirt! Become a prospector and uncover a real iron pyrite (fool’s gold) nugget!

  • PERFECT PARTY ACTIVITY – Dig up gold and show your friends. Add the pyrite nuggets to your rock collection or give them as party favors!

  • JOIN THE TREASURE HUNT – Experience the fun of gold mining with this complete science kit. You’ll be yelling “Eureka!” in no time

  • A HOMESCHOOL FAVORITE – Boys and girls will love learning about the gold rush and pyrite with our adventure guide (written by teachers)

  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY – An award winning kit from an award winning brand!

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