Stay Cool! The Multitasking Game

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Simple questions make for a simple game, right? WRONG.

Stay Cool is insanity with a sand timer. The active player is rapid-fire quizzed by two other players, at the same time. WIth a time limit of two minutes to answer as many questions as possible in the first round (and you have to use letter dice to answer one set of questions!).

Second round you do the same as the first round, except the active player has to keep an eye on the timer and tell someone to flip it before it runs out of sand! You get to have it flipped four times, but if you forget to tell them to flip it before the sand has run out, your turn is over.

Third round, you do everything from round one, and round two, but the sand timer is hidden!

Scoring is based on how many questions you can answer successfully in each round.

Whew. Anyone else feeling stressed out?

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